With the warmer weather comes snake season

This time of year is very busy for a vet clinic as unfortunately our beloved pets seem to have regular run-ins with our slippery neighbors!

It is important that if you see your pet with a snake to call the vet clinic immediately to ensure a vet is at the clinic to see you. This is especially important in mixed animal practice as sometimes both vets are out on large animal calls. Once you have confirmed a vet is in the clinic, head there straight away. Most people make the mistake of waiting to see if their pet has been bitten, unfortunately, and specifically with dogs, by the time they start showing symptoms there is very little time before their condition becomes life threatening.

If you see your pet with a snake, even if you are unsure if they have been bitten, it is important to seek veterinary advice. Isn't it better to wait at the vet clinic and be within the vicinity where your pet can receive treatment immediately, rather than waiting at home and then not making it the clinic in time? Cats are a bit different in that they typically have longer before their condition becomes life threatening. Some cats can even go 24 hours before showing symptoms!

Symptoms of a snake bite

  • Hypersalivation
  • Dilate pupils
  • Inability to blink
  • Hind leg paralysis
  • Inability to swallow (no gag reflex)
  • Inability to urinate voluntarily
  • Inability to defecate
  • Pale gums (mucous membranes)

Your pet may show one or a number of these, but all require veterinary treatment.  Please remain vigilant and when in doubt, give us a call on 8568 5220.